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Before After
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Interiors - Fireplace - Before
Interiors - Fireplace - After

Starting with a generic gas fireplace, cement was used to sculpt an organic design inspired by the fire itself. A small jeweled mosaic was embedded in the center.
Brass was sculpted for the opening and designs were cut which illuminate from behind when the fire is lit. The brass lotus petals at the base allow air to flow through while hiding the vents behind. The hearth was replaced with natural slate.


Before   and After
Interiors - Driveway - Before
Interiors - Driveway - After

This driveway was stained with a faux stone path to match existing slate stones.
The mossy green stain accentuates the meandering path and creates a feeling of
landscape. The garage door was given a wood grained finish.


Before After
Interiors - Garage Doors - Before
Interiors - Garage Doors - After
Faux wood grained garage doors makes a handsome first impression to any home.